Metaltaglio was founded in 1962 in Arese- MILANO from the creativity and willingness of Mr. Sergio Savio. The new company produces artistic decorations in brass, cut and died, for the construction of chandeliers. Baroque and linear forms, simple greek or creative design are made by Mr. Savio to fulfill the ornamental tastes and needs of the time. His willingness then goes on to enable Metaltaglio not only to overcome difficult moments, but also to bring the company to a highly specialized level. The high quality of its production, appreciated both in Italy and worldwide, enables the new company to satisfy the numerous client requests. So much, in fact, that it was possible to build a plant in 1970.

In 1971, Mr. Sergio Savio received the "Ad Honorem" Exports Club award in Campidoglio. In fact, over 50% of its production is destined to the exports division, which covers a large number of markets. In 1976, the plant is expanded, the old machinery is replaced with new equipment, and the number of mould is increased. After many years of hard work, around the mid-80s, Mr. Savio's Metaltaglio is passed on to his just as willing son, Renato.

Not being satisfied with the goal reached, a program is immediately put into place in order to increase sales with a particular focus on new markets worldwide. Metaltaglio specializes in the production of structures for ceiling light fixtures,and is therefore able to fulfill, in an excellent way, the great amount of requests from overseas. At the same time, thanks to the intuition of Mr. Renato Savio, in 1988 the company was able to take over its competitor, F.lli Cigoli and to then become today's METALDECOR.
In this way, the company begins its production in artistic metal decorations that can also be applied to interior design in general and the creation of gift items.
Finally, to meet the high demands of new tecnology, the strong capabilities of both Mr. Renato Savio and his son Sergio, enable the company to also specialize in the following product lines through software CAD-CAM 3D and special machine CNC whit high speed.
Metaldecor, thanks to the hard work and experience of three generations of the Savio Family, has become today one of the Italian Companies that contributes distinguishing taste to the interior design industry.